HI Jill,   Thought I would let you know, we have just got back from two weeks in France in Jean.  It was our first trip abroad in her and very successful.  I am really pleased though that I was able to walk every day, usually just over a mile which doesn’t sound a lot but considering before I came to see you I couldn’t walk at all, so thank you for all your help.

I now manage to go up and down stairs unaided which is a real boon for me, we live downstairs but I have a craft room upstairs so I can now come and go without A’s help.    I am driving too which is one thing I found painful at first but now no problem.

I can’t say I am pain free all the time but that what is left is manageable, so much better than 6 months ago.    I will be in touch with you again if needed. BUT, in the meantime, thank you again for your help and support.


The pain in my heel and foot have all but disappeared, I went swimming on Friday which included kick sets and fast turns and the pain was around 10-20% of what it was and this only lasted a short while.  I also had to do some jogging on Saturday as I was late for the theatre and again there was little to no pain in the foot.  However, I have still be having the discomfort in the ankle like we discussed, so I have replaced the arch support insoles for the gel impact insoles which seems to of helped.


I would like to cancel my appointment with you this week on Thursday . I now have no pain in my neck or arm, the pins and needles have almost gone and just the very end of my little finger is slightly numb. Every day it is getting better and the symptoms are improving.

Thank you also for the suggestion of asking work for a proper chair, it has really helped. I can not thank you enough for all your care.  When I came to you I was in agony and now once again you have sorted me out.