HI Jill, Thought I would let you know, we have just got back from two weeks in France in Jean.  It was our first trip abroad in her and very successful. I am really pleased though that I was able to walk every day, usually just over a mile which doesn’t sound a lot but considering before I came to see you I couldn’t walk at all, so thank you for all your help.

I now manage to go up and down stairs unaided which is a real boon for me, we live downstairs but I have a craft room upstairs so I can now come and go without A’s help. I am driving too which is one thing I found painful at first but now no problem.

I can’t say I am pain free all the time but that what is left is manageable, so much better than 6 months ago. I will be in touch with you again if needed. BUT, in the meantime, thank you again for your help and support.


The pain in my heel and foot have all but disappeared, I went swimming on Friday which included kick sets and fast turns and the pain was around 10-20% of what it was and this only lasted a short while.  I also had to do some jogging on Saturday as I was late for the theatre and again there was little to no pain in the foot.  However, I have still be having the discomfort in the ankle like we discussed, so I have replaced the arch support insoles for the gel impact insoles which seems to of helped.


Jill has been a life saver – If I had stayed with the physio given to me after my Steroid injections in my shoulder I would have done more damage than good. Jill is so clever looking at the entire picture, not just the ‘shoulder’ I went in for. There was much more to my injury and Jill really did spot it and help me return to good health. She came highly recommended and I would also recommend you give her a try. Easy to work with and really cares. June 2019.


I just wanted to let you know that since finishing physio with yourself my left shoulder pain has now healed completely after all these months. Many thanks for all the treatment I received from yourself. Its nice to be pain free once more! (June 2019)


I would like to cancel my appointment with you this week on Thursday . I now have no pain in my neck or arm, the pins and needles have almost gone and just the very end of my little finger is slightly numb. Every day it is getting better and the symptoms are improving.

Thank you also for the suggestion of asking work for a proper chair, it has really helped. I can not thank you enough for all your care.  When I came to you I was in agony and now once again you have sorted me out.


I’m in my 70’s and last year had a fall from 10ft fracturing two vertebrae. I was in such pain that I thought I would never be right again. fortunately I was put in touch with Jill Drew. I was sceptical about physiotherapy but after the consultation it was obvious I had no idea how to recover from the trauma. The hospital had supplied a back brace which had helped but also weakened my back muscles.. Jill was quick to spot that and gave me exercises the results in just a week were nothing short of miraculous .A variety of exercises followed over the next two months and I am now on top of the world. By accident I fell and by accident found the perfect person to put it right . Many thanks.

Bernard Clews

Jill is great, I first saw her around a year ago with bad back pain due to protruding discs, we worked through lots of physio exercises to help with my core muscles to try and reduce the pain and prevent it happening again. Unfortunately it did recently come back with worse shooting leg pains. So I booked an appointment with Jill, and this time we trying acupuncture while doing the previous exercises, I was very sceptical about acupuncture actually working. But after one session it already started to feel better and the shooting leg pains basically disappeared, I’m still going to Jill for more sessions because she is very friendly and makes me feel very comfortable. June 2019.


I saw Jill Drew with low back pain.she was so friendly and put me at ease straight away. She physically examined me and then showed me some exercises to do. After following the exercises I feel so much better. I would strongly recommend Jill. June 2019.


Jill first treated me after I had surgery on my shoulder. I found her to be extremely professional and knowledgeable as well as being very friendly and approachable. When I developed further problems with a frozen shoulder, Jill immediately ascertained what the problem was and due to her treatment and intervention I have remained problem free ever since. When I developed a recent problem with my knee I went straight back to Jill, who by using her extensive knowledge and experience referred me to a knee specialist and I am now pain free. I will always use Jill in the future if I ever need physiotherapy treatment again and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone requiring treatment.