With Wimbledon underway the local tennis courts will be buzzing with keen players over the next two weeks!

Let’s serve up three interesting facts you may not know about “Tennis Elbow” and physiotherapy.


You can get tennis elbow without ever picking up a racquet

Tennis elbow is one of the most common tennis injuries even though it can affect non tennis players too. 3% of the UK population will experience tennis elbow but less than 1 in 10 of those individuals actually play the sport. It generally affects adults between 40-60 years and men and women equally.


Tennis Elbow is aggravated by wrist not elbow movements

Typically gripping items in the hand and twisting the forearm.This is because the tendons in the forearm which pull the wrist and fingers upwards attach onto a bone on the outside of the elbow. If they are overloaded, they can become painful – hence the pain on the outside of the elbow and forearm. Repetitive movements of the wrist will make the elbow pain worse e.g. lifting with the elbow straight, gripping a paint brush (or even the handle of a tennis racquet!).


You probably won’t need surgery for Tennis Elbow

Most cases of tennis elbow will improve on their own or with the help of a combination of treatments. What can you do to help it resolve? Try and modify or avoid the moments which cause the pain e.g. lift with the palm facing upwards. Try using an ice pack or heat (hot water bottle or wheat pack) to ease the pain.

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The exercises in this pdf should also help – Please click here.

These video exercises will also help – Opens new website.


Physiotherapy and Tennis Elbow

If your elbow pain is affecting your daily life, stopping you doing the things you enjoy and not settling, then you would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist who specialises in treating this type of condition. Here at Jill Drew Physiotherapy we specialise in treating upper limb conditions, so we are experts in the management of Tennis Elbow. During your consultation we take a detailed history and examine you thoroughly so we can determine the root cause of your pain. We can recommend a plan of treatment which includes education, advice, tailored exercises, manual (hands on) therapy and acupuncture, we will also provide you with the tools to help you prevent it happening again.


Other treatments for Tennis Elbow

If your pain persists and doesn’t respond to treatment, we may suggest a steroid injection and we can discuss the pros and cons of this with you. We have close links with
our local orthopaedic colleagues should onward referral be needed. Steroid injections work best in conjunction with physiotherapy so that the root cause of the problem is addressed and not just the symptoms.


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